2021 Board of Directors

Phyllis Motill

Phyllis Motill

President of Board of Directors

Chairperson – Phyllis Motill

Membership – Sally Tillinghast

Grounds – Kit Cupp

Treasurer – Donalie Kelly

Grants & Events – Shannon O’Connor

Social Media – Jean O’Donnell-Nickerson

Promotion and Tourism Assistant – Rebekah Lont Clark

Baby Bear – David Neiss

Town Board Ovid – June Favreau

Mark Sinkiewicz

Volunteers Needed

Tourism: As we open the Tourism Center post COVID, we will need representatives to greet guests at Mama Bear.  Email the Operation Manager, Carol Anne Barsody at [email protected] to become a part of this exciting opportunity.

Marketing:  Be responsible for the quarterly publishing of our Bear Hugs Newsletter and print materials.

History:  The Bears are more than buildings they are the stories of the people who served as clerks and judges.  Understanding the times in which the people of Ovid lived.  These would be used in the Bear Hugs and Website and in conjuncture with tours for Adults and Students.

Grounds:  Love to Garden or are you a Master Gardener in search of a project?  The grounds would be enhanced with lovely perennials along the walkways. The interior is always in need of maintenance and sprucing up.  We would love to have your elbow grease.

Events:  There are many fundraising and cultural events planned for 2022 and we will need a short term commitment of time to make these successful.

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